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Imagine a place where laughter echoes through sunlit hallways, where friendships blossom over shared meals, and where independence thrives like wildflowers in spring. That’s the SNCI vision—a vibrant, inclusive co-housing community for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD).


We envision a vibrant, collaborative neighborhood where individuals with IDD can live independently and connect with each other while having the support and safeguards they need to be successful. Shared indoor and outdoor spaces will encourage interaction and support an active community life. These spaces include a large community house with a large kitchen and dining area for shared meals, laundry facilities, classrooms for continued education and skill building, exercise room to promote a healthy lifestyle, large gathering area for group activities, walking paths, gardens, and recreational facilities to create opportunities for shared activities. By working together, residents will participate in daily activities, fostering a sense of belonging and independence.


Affordable, Safe, Full of Opportunities


  • Affordability: We believe everyone deserves a forever home. SNCI will ensure that affordability isn’t a barrier for any individual that wants to call our community home. The community will be Section 8 approved and rental rates will be on an individual basis based on the low-income housing pay scale model which is 30% of the individuals total income. Our organization is committed to offset the cost of living for our residents with fundraising and other financial means. 

  • Safety: Our cozy homes are more than walls; they’re sanctuaries. Safety is our cornerstone, allowing residents to spread their wings with confidence. We believe that it is essential for our residents to have the freedom to move around their community without fear or the risk of harm, therefore, it is important that the property be a gated, pedestrian-only community. 

  • Opportunities: Life in our community won't be just about shelter; it’s about growth. Our LEARN, WORK, and PLAY program ignites passions, hones skills, and celebrates achievements. 

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